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What are we like?

We are a church family

All Hallows is a friendly church, with a local and family feel.  Just like our community we are a mixed bag of people.  Our ages range from babies to a 103 year old, and we are a church family together.   But, we are a family who are always glad to have others join us and become part of our family too.

What we believe as a family

We believe that Jesus is Lord, saves us from our sins, is alive today and changes people's lives for the better.

We believe that the Bible is God's word to us.  It challenges and encourages us.  It helps us to be more like Jesus.

We believe that Jesus summed up the whole Bible with 3 'umbrella commands' to: 1. Love God; 2. Love your neighbour as yourself;     3. Love each other (within the Church).

We believe that being a Christian means to turn to Jesus.  We turn to him for forgiveness from our sins.  We turn to follow him, seeking to obey him and put his commands into practice.

Ways that we try to practice what we believe

We want to put into practice what we believe and these are some of the ways that we do so:

Loving God - Sunday worship services, regular weekly and monthly prayer meetings, private devotions, Bible study groups, trying to put into practice what he teaches.

Loving our neighbour as ourselves - Midweek activities to support families and to get people from the wider community together, annual events that people from the community can enjoy and be part of, supporting other community groups and organisations.

Loving each other (within the church) - Regular midweek home groups, social nights and events together, visiting each other and doing all of the things for each other that families do.  We also know that All Hallows is just one part of the worldwide Church of Jesus and so we support other churches at home and abroad in different ways and other mission activities in the UK and across the world.

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