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As the regular activities of the church are all suspended until further notice, due to the coronavirus outbreak in our nation, we are re-imagining what church looks like.  Much of our ongoing connection and information is on this page and its subpages and it will be regularly updated.

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17 March 2020 14:00

Dear All, it will probably come as little surprise to you that the Church of England has suspended all public worship due to the coronavirus crisis which our nation and international community is dealing with.  To be clear, there will be no services taking place at all now until further notice.

As a church we have also suspended all of our midweek groups and activities that take place.

But, I want to be absolutely clear that the Church has not shut down.  The Church always has been and always will be the people of God.  So, the Church is open and is alive and well.  It's just that our activities have changed.

So, people of God, be Church.  Love God, love your neighbour and love each other.  I will endeavour to make sure that there are things we can join in with online.  For instance, I will pull together a service which will appear on this website on Sunday morning.  It will not be live streamed, so if you are a little late switching on, don't worry.

Above all, do be praying for our nation in this time of crisis.  Pray for those in authority, pray for those on the frontline in the NHS and pray for those who will be at work keeping critical systems running.

I was reading Psalm 57:1 yesterday morning which says, "Have mercy on me, O God, have mercy on me, for in you my soul takes refuge.  I will take refuge in the shadow of your wings until the disaster has passed."  Let us have such confidence in God during these difficult days.

Take care and God bless,



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